How does it work?


Get quality prepaid Gig

  • Sign up as a vendor with no up-front cost or commitment and start getting local gigs for free
  • All gigs are complete orders with prepaid deposit. There is no need to call the client to sell your services. We already took care of it.

Manage incoming orders

  • Orders will send to you by phone, SMS and Emails
  • Accept the best gig for your business
  • Verified party details with the client
  • Add it on your schedule

Grow your business

  • Come to the event on time
  • Collect payment in cash prior the event from the client
  • Keep 100% of what you earn + Tips from the client
  • 0% commission or hidden fees
    (We make money from the client’s deposit, not from you)

Customers come to us with their needs

We support entertainment services, for both individuals and small businesses. We collect detailed information about exactly what the customer is looking for and match it with our vendor’s list. If we have the service in the area, the client will place an order with us. We will send this complete order directly to the vendor who accepts the gig. The vendor doesn’t need to sell anything to the client, since the client already completed the reservation with us and paid a deposit for it.

They know that we’ll provide relevant, professional companies that can meet their needs.

We do not charge any commissions or hidden fees from our vendors. We make money from the client’s deposits. The client must pay the remaining balance to the vendor prior to the event in cash.

You're in control

You decide which gig to accept and which not to accept. You’ll know the amount of money to be collected from the client upfront. That way you always know how much you're going to earn from each job.

Grow your business

From the moment you sign up, we'll send you complete orders for free. You only accept the gigs that you think are the right fit for your business.

Our members do what they love the most - Entertaining kids! So we take all the hassles away from vendors. The Characters for Party has helped thousands of event professionals and entertainers turn their passion into profit.

All that is left for the vendor is to collect the payment at the event and start your entertainment.

See for yourself how we can deliver profits

When you partner with us , you can expect a boost to your orders and may not even need to increase your fixed costs. Try our calculator to see for yourself what we could do for your business.*

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What delivery with Characters for Party

Earn extra money for your goals

Achieve your short-term goals or long-term dreams by driving or biking with DoorDash.

Choose your own hours

Unlike full-time jobs or seasonal gigs, when and where you work is totally up to you.

Freedom to dash anywhere

Deliver near your home or in a city you're just visiting.

Easy to get started

Don't worry about car inspections or vehicle restrictions. Just sign up and receive everything you need to start earning.

Receive deliveries right away

Once approved, log on to the Dasher app to receive nearby orders immediately.

Know how much you'll make

Clear and concise pay model lets you know how much you will make before accepting any order.


Yes. When you accept the gig you’ll get full information about the order including the customer's phone number or email.

No, we don’t believe in hidden costs. And we don’t charge commission either. We simply make money from the client’s deposits and 0% commissions from you.

100% of the money you make from the job is yours to keep.

With Characters For Party you will get complete orders, not leads. Once you accept the order you are the only person who will service this client.

We do not sell the same order to different companies. All orders are prepaid with deposits. There is no need to sell anything to the client. Our team is taking care of marketing, sales, support and other hassles. You as a vendor need to accept the gig and do a good performance for the client

The vendor is going to get paid by the client on the date of the party prior the entertainment in cash.

In some rare cases there are clients that are trying to scam entertainers. This is why we always encourage to collect the remaining balance before the event or refuse to perform.

If it is an organization and can not pay the balance in cash we can always charge their credit card and then we will send the balance to you via Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal or check.

If there are any issues or concerns about the party or the client, please call us directly 866-434-4101 ext 3

Don't leave money on the table

The faster you partner with Characters For Party, the faster your business can grow.

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