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Optimus Prime brings a giant performance and eagerness to engage every guest with games and individual attention.

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Many of us grew up imagining a future with flying cars and robots bagging our groceries. But considering the strides in A.I. development throughout the past decade alone, it’s clear the future we dreamt is quickly becoming a reality. The question we must ask is this: which Robot will you choose for your party? The bad guy? Or, Optimus Prime?

Here’s another: how big is your dinner spread? Let’s hope Megatron doesn’t show up! We’re kidding. As always the Actors portraying our Cybertronians are trained professionals at maneuvering in their elaborate costumes with ease. Optimus Prime brings a giant performance and eagerness to engage every guest with games and individual attention.

Like Optimus Prime who is a hero among Transformers, you will be a hero among friends and family when you hire Characters for Parties to exceed the expectations of their imaginations. Make your kid’s dreams a reality anywhere in the U.S.A. by booking Optimus Prime through our website and paying from $50 deposit up-front.


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